By P.J. Beaumont, co-creator of Tactical Pajamas

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The new edition of Tactical Pajamas is available with optional built-in holster!

You wouldn’t believe all the things I’ve done and learned while developing Tactical Pajamas. From finding designers who can create the prototypes and the patterns (and that is not easy here in the U.S., I can tell you) to finding a cut-and-sew factory with the right capacity (we are at an awkward number between the major producers and the short-run boutique suppliers), the search for resources that allow us to say we are made in America has been a surprisingly big challenge.

Along with all that, I’m the one responsible for making sure all the things like buttons and the super-special elastic we use in the waistbands arrive at the factory at the right time. Because of the shipping problems that stalled deliveries I decided to pick up and deliver some elements myself. Did you know that belt loops have to be made by a specialty shop? Before I started this project two years ago, I didn’t. In order to keep the production on schedule I drove 500 miles to pick up lengths of the new custom fabric from the factory and get it to the shop that makes the loops. Often being the boss means you have to pick up the slack, no matter what that entails.

But after all that work, the new edition of Tactical Pajamas® is on the market. There are two new fabrics, a 100% cotton ripstop and a lighter weight cotton/nylon blend ripstop. There are four colors, including full camouflage, a plaid in camo colors (green/brown/gray), another plaid in purple/blue/silver gray, and natural. Plus, you can order them with a built-in holster!

Pistol Packin’ Pajamas(TM) by Tactical Pajamas®, featuring a built-in holster!

Why would you want pajamas with a built-in holster? Simple! Say you’re working from home and you usually hang out in pajamas all day long, but you live in a dicey area and you want to be prepared for anything. The holster in Tactical Pajamas® Pistol Packin’ Pajamas(TM) is positioned just perfectly so that it won’t get in your way when you’re sitting. Some people even find that they can sleep in them while armed!

There’s a flap that closes securely with Velcro, and the holster is lined with Cordura, so it will stand up to the wear and tear of gun metal.

The holster in Pistol Packin’ Pajamas(TM) by Tactical Pajamas® is sized for a Glock 19 or 23, but the grip end is left open so that it can handle nearly any medium-frame semi-auto. Smaller revolvers will fit as well. Stick a .32 or .25 or .22 in it, and you won’t even know it’s there. Minimal print, so if you’re wearing your Tactical Pajamas out into the world, with a long shirt nobody else will know it’s there either.
The Velcro closure on the holster has enough latitude to accommodate various-sized pistols.
It’s ballistic nylon, all the way down!

I’ve been wearing a prototype pair for several months, and it’s been through the washer about ten times. While you can tell they’ve been washed, there is literally no wear on the inside of the holster where it rubs against the gun.

There are 15% discounts for military, first responders, medical, and veterinary personnel, just send an email to [email protected] to request your discount code, or fill in the information at this link.

If you are not eligible for the above discounts, do not fear! Because you are reading this post you can still get a discount! You can get a $10 discount on Pistol Packin’ Pajamas by using the discount code PistolPackin10.

You can also get the new versions of Tactical Pajamas without the built-in holster! Use discount code Plaid10 get 10% off.

And you can get a whopping $30 off of the Firehouse Lounge edition of Tactical Pajamas by using the discount code FHLoungeSale. The Firehouse Lounge Edition has been reduced in price, making them an even more amazing bargain!

To purchase Tactical Pajamas, please go to

Want to learn a whole bunch more about the built-in holster? Read the FAQ at the Tactical Pajamas website!

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