Lee Harvey Oswald and the Mysterious “Raleigh Call”

Did you know that the day after he was arrested on charges of killing President Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to make a very curious call from the Dallas jail, but the call was intercepted and stopped by two mysterious men?  Switchboard operators at the jail were told that Oswald would be making a call that evening, and that two men would arrive to tell them how to deal with it.  When Oswald tried to place the call, the switchboard operator told the mysterious men who it was Oswald was trying to contact, after which they ordered the operator not to put the call through. The incident would have been lost to history if one of the switchboard operators had not written down all of the details Oswald gave them, information she kept in her personal possession.

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It was only years later, after numerous investigators and researchers had published thousands of pages on the Kennedy Assassination, that someone listened to the operator’s story.

Dr. Grover Proctor, who has researched the Kennedy assassination for 50 years, has doggedly investigated this seemingly minor incident, and determined that the implications are staggering. Click on the link to see Dr. Proctor’s full presentation on this incident, https://vimeo.com/919346520

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